Unspoken Rules.png

Summer 2019 Residency Workshop

Set in the 2018 business of Hollywood, one woman, once a victim of a Hollywood predator, turns the tables, and seeks justice against the system who supported him. One woman leads a challenge against the Hollywood system, targeting one man’s power and his complicity machine, challenging unspoken rules about business. As Tig Kennedy breaks against the status quo, she sets out to make things right at any cost. Written by Diane Davis Steiker and Directed by Lauren Miller.


Eden Theater Company presents the inaugural production of Scrambled Porn by playwright/performance artist Brennan Vickery, which is an experimental play about why people build relationships only to destroy them—unearthing the fear and longing buried underneath it all. In the aftermath of their relationship, in the abyss of someone’s front yard, Adam, Sam, and June try to prove why they couldn’t be alone but can’t stay together. At their individual mics like a busted En Vogue live set, the ‘throuple’ share the creation of their own suffering.

UpComing Productions